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What We Believe


God has revealed and continues to reveal Himself to mankind through nature (general revelation), through Jesus (living revelation), through direct revelation (personal revelation) and through specific revelation (the Bible).  The Bible is divinely inspired, authoritative, infallible, understandable, necessary and sufficient in regards to faith and life.


There is one eternal and sovereign God who, by nature, is unconditional love, holy (transcendent), and just (righteous).  In the unity of the one God there exists three persons of one substance equal in holiness, justice, wisdom, power and dignity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.


Jesus is our Lord, our leader.  He is 100% God and 100% man.  He has always existed.  He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and performed miracles, signs and wonders.  He took our place on the cross, rose from the dead and ascended to God the Father where He sits at His right hand.  He constantly lives to make intercession for us and He will return.


The Holy Spirit is not simply a force or a power; He is the third person of the triune God.  He is eternal and He was active in creation.  He convicts the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgment to come.  He indwells every believer and equips every believer to live holy, to witness for and to serve Christ.  The same ways that he equipped believers in scripture continue to this day and His graces and empowerment are available in ever-increasing measure to every believer.  



Humanity was created in the very image of God and all people have been fearfully and wonderfully made. In fact, every person has unlimited value and worth before God; however, when Adam, the first human, disobeyed God, sin entered the human race.   Because of Adam’s disobedience, a self-centered, morally sinful nature has been passed from one generation of humanity to the next. In addition, all people have individually sinned against God.  The sinful nature of Humanity as well as personal sin has caused a moral separation between God and Humanity.


Through His atoning death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead, Jesus has taken our sin and the punishment for our sin upon Himself and has gained victory over sin.  He has eliminated the separation that exists between God and Humanity and is the one and only way for all people everywhere to be reconciled with God.   Furthermore, in Christ, reconciliation between all people is made possible.  In Him, we can celebrate those things that make us unique and also realize that we are one in Him with equal worth and value.  We are called to be ministers of His reconciliation.


The church is the community of every true believer that has ever walked the earth--God’s called out ones--His elect.  The church exists to minister to God through worship and to minister to each other by equipping, encouraging, giving and sharing.  The church also exists to minister to the “world” through evangelism, spiritual warfare and standing for the truth.


Those who have been saved (who have experienced His reconciliation) and those who have not will both be resurrected.  Those who have been saved will be resurrected to life with God for all eternity because of Jesus’ resurrection.  Those who have not been saved will be resurrected to an eternity separate from God in eternal fire.

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